Establising CuriousBits

It has been only half a year ago that I started at Jibe Company to work on their Data Management Platform and the related projects.

In this period I learned more about data management and visualization by working with a nice group of people in Eindhoven and Cluj. Also I …

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New job

Just to inform you all...

After being part of SendCloud for 6 years I'm now joining Jibe Company in the quest to build an amazing Data Management Platform.

I'm really looking forward to the challenges. 🤘

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How to make the XYL-8805-G Barcode Scanner work correctly on Mac OS

In case you own a barcode scanner with type number "XYL-7705-G" and it mixes barcode input like this:


instead of giving the right result like this when using MacOS:


Then you may have a wrongly configured barcode scanner and you will need to disable the USB quick upload …

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How can I make a copy of a printer in Windows 10?

Recently SendCloud released an app to make printing more efficient and to improve the quality of shipping labels and documents when using their platform. The application is designed to be simple. So it only includes only a few features to facilitate printing directly from the browser and some ways to …

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JSON API to CSV: Example using the SendCloud API

Even in 2017 CSV still plays an important role in the daily processes of many online businesses. People use it for various goals. To sync data between (online) applications or analyze and visualize their activity. CSV is perfect for those goals. It is simple and easy to handle. Which makes …

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Docker-machine on Linode: The hard way

A while ago I started to experiment with docker-machine: A tool that allows you to create and manage a (virtual) machine running docker-engine. Once you are connected to a docker-machine instance you can easily manage containers in a very similar way as you use containers locally.

I have quite good …

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Meetups in Eindhoven

About two years ago I started a Meetup group for Python Enthousiasts in the area of Eindhoven. The first two events were a success. I've met a lot of interesting people and learned from the talks and the discussions which were part of the event. Unfortunately we stopped organizing events …

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Some questions to hosting companies about supporting HTTPS (through Let's Encrypt) by default.

Last year a colleague sent me a interesting link to the website of Let's Encrypt. Let's Encrypt is a project which provides tooling to easily enable HTTPS on your servers in a easy and "free" way. A few months later I used the project to enable HTTPS on a domain …

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How to install Raspbian Jessie with a GUI on an old Raspberry Pi.

This weekend I did some experiments with my Raspberry Pi. I'm still using the first generation model B which only has 256MB of RAM. When I purchased the board I bought it with a 4GB card. Which was at that time sufficient for both a headless and desktop installation.

For …

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Hello World! An introduction to this website.

A few years ago I registered this domain because I needed a place to host my portfolio site for my university course. Having a portfolio site was required by the University so they evaluate me on my progress during the course.

After finishing my bachelor course at university I ended …

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