Restore internet radio Denon CEOL N8

WARNING: At 10/04/2024 the trick mentioned in this article stopped working. I have undone the trick, and now internet radio seems to work with the original settings.

10 year ago Denon released the Denon (CEOL) RCD-N8. A small network audio system which uses vTuner services for providing internet …

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Watt is going on in my home?

A while ago I purchased a energy meter to monitor the energy usage in my home. The energy meter showed that I was using more than 85 watts of electricity continuously. I decided that it would be interesting to figure out what is causing this and whether my energy usage …

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Easy Firefox profile switching on Ubuntu

As a freelance software engineer, I work for multiple clients. Often clients provide a notebook. The separation of physical devices makes it easy to separate the work for different clients. However, in some cases, I bring my own device. This brings challenges to separate the work properly.

I have already …

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Different Git configuration per directory

Article is updated at 2023-02-14

I have multiple accounts for GitLab and Github. The reason for this is that I work for multiple companies and they require me to use a unique email address and account for those services.

In some cases I perform the development on the same device …

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Emacs terminal support

I've been using Emacs already for a long time. However I found the terminal integration based on term always a little bit flawed. Recently I switched to vterm and since that moment I'm peforming almost all my development work from Emacs.

I always forget how to install it on my …

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SFF Workstation Build Notes

Recently I've completed my small form factor PC build. I started the build of this PC because I was annoyed by the single threaded performance of my notebook. Now I have a very fast PC which I can take easily with me due to its size of only 4 liters …

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Establising CuriousBits

It has been only half a year ago that I started at Jibe Company to work on their Data Management Platform and the related projects.

In this period I learned more about data management and visualization by working with a nice group of people in Eindhoven and Cluj. Also I …

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How to make the XYL-8805-G Barcode Scanner work correctly on Mac OS

In case you own a barcode scanner with type number "XYL-7705-G" and it mixes barcode input like this:


instead of giving the right result like this when using MacOS:


Then you may have a wrongly configured barcode scanner and you will need to disable the USB quick upload …

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How can I make a copy of a printer in Windows 10?

Recently SendCloud released an app to make printing more efficient and to improve the quality of shipping labels and documents when using their platform. The application is designed to be simple. So it only includes only a few features to facilitate printing directly from the browser and some ways to …

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