Docker-machine on Linode: The hard way

A while ago I started to experiment with docker-machine: A tool that allows you to create and manage a (virtual) machine running docker-engine. Once you are connected to a docker-machine instance you can easily manage containers in a very similar way as you use containers locally.

I have quite good ...

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Meetups in Eindhoven

About two years ago I started a Meetup group for Python Enthousiasts in the area of Eindhoven. The first two events were a success. I've met a lot of interesting people and learned from the talks and the discussions which were part of the event. Unfortunately we stopped organizing ...

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Some questions to hosting companies about supporting HTTPS (through Let's Encrypt) by default.

Last year a colleague sent me a interesting link to the website of Let's Encrypt. Let's Encrypt is a project which provides tooling to easily enable HTTPS on your servers in a easy and "free" way. A few months later I used the project to enable HTTPS on ...

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How to install Raspbian Jessie with a GUI on an old Raspberry Pi.

This weekend I did some experiments with my Raspberry Pi. I'm still using the first generation model B which only has 256MB of RAM. When I purchased the board I bought it with a 4GB card. Which was at that time sufficient for both a headless and desktop installation ...

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Hello World! An introduction to this website.

A few years ago I registered this domain because I needed a place to host my portfolio site for my university course. Having a portfolio site was required by the University so they evaluate me on my progress during the course.

After finishing my bachelor course at university I ended ...

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