Establising CuriousBits

It has been only half a year ago that I started at Jibe Company to work on their Data Management Platform and the related projects.

In this period I learned more about data management and visualization by working with a nice group of people in Eindhoven and Cluj. Also I was able to work on several new solutions which are in active use right now. So far a very interesting experience and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

While working for Jibe I discovered my intentions to start my own business. This is what I did earlier this year and this resulted in establishing a company called "CuriousBits".

With my own company I want to provide my experience to other companies while also growing into new directions of (full stack) software development.

Within the upcoming time I will be balancing my job at Jibe with working for my own company. This includes activities from building a company website, setting up the bookkeeping software and finding clients which have interesting challenges to solve.

I expect that things start to take off soon and I hope that it will also yield stories which are worth sharing. 🚀