Hi! 👋

I'm Therry van Neerven, a self-employed person in software development. I also ride a mountainbike in the Netherlands and I'm looking for a new home for over two years.

This website historically contains blog articles with some tricks to make life easier. Or things I thought that would be interesting to share. My intentions are to make this website a little bit more useful from a professional perspective.


My goal is bring nice new software to people. I've been working in software development for over 10 years. So far I had many different roles in order to get to the result. I have grown a diverse sets of skills and have worked with amazing people.

My focus is to build high-performing teams and to build sensible products. I love to do this in a hands-on manner. Currently my focus is to grow in product and engineering leadership.

Companies I have worked for include:

Roles that I had in the past:

CuriousBits is the company that I use to provide my services.

At this moment I am spending most of my time as a interim product manager at Sendcloud. Me and my team are getting ready to build the next generation of order processing for e-commerce organizations.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are considering me to be part of your next adventure. Or in case you just want to have an interesting chat.