Meetups in Eindhoven

About two years ago I started a Meetup group for Python Enthousiasts in the area of Eindhoven. The first two events were a success. I've met a lot of interesting people and learned from the talks and the discussions which were part of the event. Unfortunately we stopped organizing events for a long time, but we planned a new event for this month. The meetup community in Eindhoven remains quite active and it seems like it is accelerating. That's why I want to point out the Meetup groups which I'm interested in. Maybe they are interesting for you as well.

Overview of Meetups in the area of Eindhoven

Python Meetup Eindhoven

This is the meetup group which I started two years ago. It is all about Python, but we do not limit ourselves to this topic. In the past we talked about how you can optimize your workflow by creating your own toolbox and how to use an asynchronous networking framework to process emails. Also we reason why some projects are fun to work with and why others are not.

In the past we have seen a mixed audience. Some people did not know any programming while others were already well known to the craft. That's why the participants share a lot of our own work during the events. Because the creation of something out of nothing with fun to use tooling is what makes us enthusiast about the Python programming language.

Thanks to my (new) colleagues we are able to organize a new event. The upcoming event will be about "Open data for stock analysis" and "Our story with Docker". The last one is a talk by me and I will explain our experiences with introducing docker into the development workflow. Between the talks we have enough time to talk about everything that makes us as "Pythonistas" happy.

Feel free to become a member of the group and sign up for the next event!


Atwood's Law: any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. source

We can't ignore the presence of JavaScript in the world. It is a powerful language in the browsers, on servers, on smartphones and even embedded devices. JavaScript is everywhere and it opens up a lot of opportunities for realizing amazing concepts. Despite JavaScript is popular for years there was not a Meetup group for the Eindhoven area until the 16th of May this year.

A while ago the organizer of the Meetup group started to search for a new organizer. Because I saw that we were able to start organizing Meetups for Python again we also took over the organizer responsibility for this meetup group.

We use JavaScript on a daily basis and it is really interesting what kind of things are going on in this area of software development. So I'm looking forward to organize the next meetup for JS together with my colleagues.

You can sign up for the group here.

UXify Eindhoven

UXify Eindhoven is a meetup about about user experience design. Topics like user testing, interface design, brand identity are topics at the events. The UXify meetup group has strong connections to businesses and the Technical University of Eindhoven.

As you may know I have a background in Industrial Design. At a daily basis I still use the skills that I learned during the academic courses. Groups like UXify help me to improve on this set of skills and I'm really happy that we have such an initiative in Eindhoven.

Unfortunately I did not participate in the past events, but I signed myself up for the upcoming workshop. I may share the results on may blog just like I'm planning to do after the other meetups that I participate in.

More info about UXify can be found here

Eindhoven Developers Meetup

Recently I discovered the Eindhoven Developers Meetup. This is a interesting meetup group because it does not focus on a specific programming language or topic. Instead a variety of topics is being addressed during the events like Continuous Integration, Reactive programming, Scaling software and even JavaScript.

The meetup group is very active and addresses a lot of topics. Unfortunately the upcoming event is full. Maybe I will join the next event. It will be interesting to see if we are addressing things in the same way like at the Python Meetups.

More info... can be found at the meetup page!